About us

Company structure

Fermentationexperts started out as a consultant on liquid feed fermentation.

Since 2007, however, we have been working on the development of new ways to exploit the potential of the technology.

Fermentationexperts is an innovative company with operations in Europe and the United States. We believe that fermentation is the feeding technology of the future for poultry and pig farmers, and we continue to develop new areas where fermentation makes sense – for the individual farmer’s finances, for the health of their herds, and for the environment. Our strategy is to be located close to the raw materials so that we can keep our production costs as low as possible and remain highly competitive on the market. Throughout its history, Fermentationexperts has worked hard to build up knowledge about fermentation, both in theory and in practice. We are happy to share our knowledge. Please feel free to contact us.


Vådfodereksperten AS

Fermentationexperts’ subsidiary Vådfodereksperten AS is selling fermented by-products from food production to Danish farmers with liquid feed plants and fermentation plants. Data sheet can be found here. Our ISO 22000 certificate can be found here.

European Protein AS Denmark

Fermentationexperts’ subsidiary European Protein AS produces fermented and subsequently dried protein feed that can be used as a better and less expensive source of protein. Among the primary products that is fermented, are soy bean and rape seed. Do you want to know more about European Protein AS or the company’s products please visit our web: www.europeanprotein.com

European Protein Ukraine LLC

Fermentationexperts and the German company Agrolife GmbH jointly establish a factory, in Ukraine. The factory produces fermented protein for swine and poultry industry primarily for the East European and Asian markets. For further information about European Protein Ukraine please contact European Protein Ukraine LLC on info@epu.vet

Fermentationexperts USA, LLC

Fermentationexperts USA, LLC is a United States company located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It is a joint venture between Fermentationexperts AS and American investment companies. The company manufactures lactic acid fermented dry protein feed as well as other feed products. Fermentationexperts USA, LLC collaborates with other American companies such as Purina for the marketing of our products in the United States and abroad. For further information regarding Fermentationexperts USA, LLC please contact Vice President Thomas Pedersen at top@fermentationexpert.com