Fermentationexperts participate in a number of projects with the aim to improve health for humans and animals. On this project page, you can find more information on the current project Fermentationexperts is involved in on national and international levels.


IFFA project will bring to market high-quality functional food products with anti-inflammatory properties. The core product is a novel ‘fermbiotic’; a fermented product based on pro- and prebiotics and bioactive. Functional drinks containing the fermbiotic, along with other health-promoting ingredients, will be developed. Additionally, the fermbiotic will be formulated into a food supplement. Via this range of products different customer segments will be targeted, ensuring a broad impact, Research has shown that intake of ‘fermbiotics’ can reduce inflammation. By providing consumers with novel products containing fermbiotics, IFFA will contribute to reducing the negative health effects of inflammation, thus increasing overall health.

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The EnXylaScope project will discover novel enzymes for debranching xylan, a highly abundant polymer in plants. Productions systems for these enzymes will be optimised and the enzymes will be applied to produce a debranched (water-insoluble) form of xylan that has properties that make it suitable as ingredients in the scope of consumer and feed products. The debranched xylan will be further modified, using available enzymes, to confer functionalities that expand the range of potential consumer products. In total 3 types of enzymatically modified xylan will be made and will be application tested for 6 consumer products. These product span 3 sectors (cosmetics, personal care, nutraceuticals). Advanced techniques will be used for the discovery, production, and formulation of these enzymes and the project is designed so that maximal research outputs are achieved in the period and that the post-project timeframe for launching these products on the market is significantly reduced.

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The PPILOW project aims to improve the welfare of poultry and pigs reared in organic and low-input outdoor production systems.

The Ppilow project targets nonconventional and outdoor rearing systems with reduced inputs and organic systems. Although these systems enable a high degree of expression of natural behaviour by the animals, there are still several welfare issues in organic and low-input outdoor systems that can be similar to conventional systems (e.g. beak trimming in laying hens, euthanisation of one-day-old layer male chicks, and male piglet castration or more specific to these systems, e.g. exposure to outdoor sanitary threats, piglet survival. Fermentationexperts role in the Ppilow Project is to deliver functional feed that improves the natural immune system of layers and pigs to avoid severe infection with pathogens and parasites.


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 816172.


The SIMBA project is a €10.5 million European Union Horizon 2020-funded Innovation project with the aim of creating a better EU Agro-Aqua-Food system using microbiomes that are resource-efficient, climate resilient, sustainable and consumer centred.  The four-year project explores and utilises microbiomes from the land and sea to develop feed innovative solutions to address key challenges.

FEED: The role of Fermentationexperts is to develop and test the effect of pelletized feed and to test fermented feed containing health improving substances on fish.

FOOD: Our sister-company FermBiotics test fermented supplements on humans in a clinical trial conducted by Copenhagen University.

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Fermentationexperts is engaged in various projects on a national and international level to identify new business opportunities in terms of alternative raw material use in the production of lactic acid fermented feed.

Currently, the company is involved in a project named MAB4 funded by Innovationsfonden. The aim is to scale the production of macroalgae to incorporate the raw material into, e.g. feed and food products and cosmetics. The project coordinator is DTI, and the project is granted DKK11M from Innovationsfonden.

Similar Fermentationexperts is a partner in MacroFuels, which is also a Horizon 2020 EU project. The project aim is to produce advanced biofuels from seaweed or macro-algae. Project coordinator is Stichting Energieonderzoek Centrum Nederland. The project is granted EUR6M.