The company’s headquarter is in Denmark but we operate in several countries all over the world. Currently, we have production facilities in the United States, Ukraine and Denmark with the aim to expand the use of fermented feed for primarily monogastric animals such as pigs and poultry.

Our goal is to be present where fermented protein feed has its eligibility and where we have relatively easy access to raw materials. We aim to keep our production and logistic costs low.

Moreover, we focus on involvement in projects where e.g. new types of raw materials and production methods are investigated that have a possibility to take our approach a step further.

Make use of our knowledge to optimize your feeding operations. Take a tour around our web pages where you can find more information about our approach to fermentation and why we believe that this is the feeding technology of the future. Our goal is to minimize the use of antibiotics among pig and poultry farmers and improve the gut health of the animals.
- we know how to get there.

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