Fermented feed can replace zinc in pig feed

New study shows that fermented feed can replace zinc oxide in piglet feed while providing better production results at lower feed costs. A result that will help farmers to maintain piglets healthy after the proposed phase-out of zinc oxide, in 2022.

New research project shows that fermented feed called EP100i containing fermented rapeseed protein can replace zinc in pig’s feed. The study shows that pigs fed with EP100i achieve the same or better growth rate than pigs fed with zinc oxide.

The research project, under the name MAB4, has been conducted in collaboration between Fermentationexperts AS and the University of Copenhagen, DTU, DTI, and others – and is supported by Innovationsfonden.

In the study, the pigs were divided into a positive and negative zinc oxide group, and another seven groups that received different quantities of EP100i in the feed. The positive group received 2,500 ppm zinc oxide in the feed, while in the negative group piglets did not get any added zinc. Results show that the piglets fed with EP100i without addition of zinc, actually achieved similar or better growth rates compared with pigs receiving zinc in their feed. Another beneficial difference was that the rations with EP100i contained lower amounts of expensive proteins and decreased the ration costs with about 5%.

Director of Fermentationexperts AS Jens Legarth says: “I am very pleased with the results and conclusions of the study. It shows that feeding EP100i is an economic alternative to zinc in animal production. In addition, these results are important to us in Fermentationexperts AS in our further research in the field, and show us we are on the right track! ”

Presentation of the study can be found here. Video with Mette Olaf Nielsen’s presentation can be seen here.

Data sheet on EP100i can be found here: https://www.europeanprotein.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/EP100i-datablad-Int-Complete.pdf

For further information:
Jens Legarth, Director, mobile: +45 2334 9334 or email: jel@fexp.eu

Background information:
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